• Coke chemistry

  • Metallurgy

Diagnostics and organization of repair of heating walls of coke oven batteries

  • Inspection of coking chamber masonry
  • Load measurement on reinforcement units
  • Deflection measurements of anchor columns
  • Inspection of reinforcing equipment, gas-exhausting, gas-supplying fittings
  • Development of investor estimates, lists of resources for the agreed scope of work

Repair of coke oven batteries masonry

  • Rearrangement of the extreme verticals of heating walls
  • Relocation of the corbel and regenerator zone, replacement of the checker
  • Complete rearrangement of heating walls
  • Start-up and adjustment works and commissioning of the reset heating walls

Repair of coke oven battery reinforcement equipment

  • Straightening, replacement of anchor columns
  • Replacement of reinforcing frames
  • Replacement of reinforcing armor
  • Replacement and repair of the upper transverse anchor ties
  • Replacement, revision of the reinforcement units of the heating walls

Current repairs

  • Shotcrete, floor flooding elimination of burnouts and drops in the hearthes and walls of furnace chambers
  • Repair of heads masonry above and below armor
  • Insulation and sealing of facade walls of regenerators
  • Cleaning and purging of the regenerator checker
  • Insulation of reversing valves and sealing of adapter sleeves
  • Repair of coking chambers doors
  • Repair and replacement of gas-exhausting, gas-supplying fittings

Repair of the upper structure of coke oven batteries

  • Repair of top paving of coke oven batteries
  • Replacement of inspection hatch bricks
  • Replacement of loading and gas hatches
  • Refractory works when replacing anchor ties

Installation of technological equipment and metal structures

  • Assembly, repair and commissioning of coke oven machines
  • Replacement of metal structures of coke oven battery service platforms
  • Repair of saturators and auxiliary workshops equipment

Repair and capital construction of furnace equipment

  • Continuous furnaces
  • Lime furnaces
  • Stoves
  • Blast furnace repair
  • Soaking pits